Concert review : Manchester Orchestra, My Chemical Romance & *BLINK-182*!!

12 Aug

I had the chance to drive just an hour south to see my favourites, Blink-182, rock their faces off at the Comcast Center. It poured rain on us, torrentially, for 3 hours.. and took another 3 hours to drive home in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen on the roads.. but it was all worth. It always will be.

The Openers-Opener : Manchester Orchestra

A fun indie-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia that is just now making a few waves in the music scene. They just released their 3rd full length album “Simple Math”, which I find an enjoyable listen, but no songs really jump out at me. In case you are wondering, the bands name honours the city of Manchester, UK for having provided bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, New Order, amongst others.

I only caught the last few songs of their set, but thought they rocked the house and sounded great live — even had a few people dancing up front — which is always a good sign for the opening band for the opener!

Manchester Orchestra – The Neighborhood is Bleeding

The Opener : My Chemical Romance

I never really got into these guys, except for their two catchy singles like a decade ago (Thank You for the Venom (below) and Helena), but kind of laughed at the thought of actually seeing them live. The crowed definitely loved them and I even thought there were more fans singing along to the MCR set, rather than Blink’s, which I found surprising. The song ‘Planetary’ (below) was by far the most fun song they played, that had everyone jumping up and down. The rest was kind of ‘enh’ since the sound didn’t really carry well — and all the songs sounded more or less the same LOUD NOISE. Below are two of their songs I do certify:

My Chemical Romance – Planetary

My Chemical Romance – Thank You For the Venom

The Headliner : Blink-182

I won’t write a lot about Blink-182 since I know many of you have heard me tell the stories incessantly over the years. Here is a brief history though that I think would help some of you understand why and how Blink-182 is still around. 🙂

1992 – 2003 : Blink-182 are kings of pop-punk with albums Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, Take Your Pants off and Jacket and Mark,Tom and Travis show.

2004 : Tom and Mark (the singers) start to have a rift in the band, often thought of to be Tom wanting to have greater control of the band, the sound and how they made music. Tom informs his best friend Mark, via their manager, that Tom is quitting the band.

2005 : Tom starts his new band,  Angels&Airwaves, and releases a pretty solid album, including a few songs directing his anger at Mark/Travis.

2005 : Mark/Travis start their own band called (+44) and also release a very solid album – a few songs also containing some pretty harsh towards towards Tom.

2005 – 2008 : Mark/Travis do not speak at all with Tom. They hate each other.  Both bands continue to sing about their hatred and hurt towards each other.

2008 : Drummer Travis Barker gets in a plane crash with his best friend DJ AM, as well as a dozen other passengers on board. Travis and DJ AM are the only two survivors. Tom realizes that hating his two best friends is silly, and they start talking again.

2008 : Blink-182 announce they are going to start making music again.

2009 : Bryan sees Blink-182 at their reunion tour at Madison Square Garden in NYC with Vanessa Sacco!

2011 : Blink-182 release first new songs/album since 2003. Hooray!

P.S. Their show was awesome. Sure it was all their greatest hits and I would’ve LOVED to have heard more of the other stuff, but it’s always great to sing my heart out and remember the times in my life when I listened to each of the songs on repeat. The guys are still the same on stage as they always have been — but I notice that Tom hasn’t been the same since the band got back together.. which makes me think that one reason he really came back to  Blink-182 was for the mullah. Regardless, Blink-182 is back.. and this means more amazing music from a band that everyone will forever associate with Bryan Plummer.

You can hear their two new songs in my previous posts HERE and HERE.

One thing I think Blink-182 are AMAZING at, is selecting opening songs on their records. Here are the 4 opening songs from Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema of the State and Take Your Pants off (in order). Enjoy!

Blink-182 – Carousel

Blink-182 – Pathetic

Blink-182 – Dumpweed

Blink-182 – Anthem Part 2


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