Concert review : Naked&Famous and Winter Gloves (I’m aching from all the dancing!!)

12 Aug

August 11th, 2011 – Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA

A few months ago I was introduced to Naked&Famous while at work by my buddy Adam and it didn’t take long to have an awkward occurance due to the bands name as my colleague looking at my computer screen saw those two words dangling in my Google search box. Context for searching those words at work was necessary! haha

Naked&Famous cancelled their opening gig for the Freelance Whales and  Foals show I saw a few months ago — so I was bummed to have missed them then. But seeing them last night was UNREALLLLL!!! They are coming back to Boston in October, and I will be there dancing once again.


This New Zealand indie-rock band dropped a BOMB of an album “Passive Me, Aggressive You” in September 2010 and has had songs popping up across tv shows and movies. Their electro-pop synth and piano provides deep, grinding dance-able rhythms on songs like “Punching in a Dream” and smoother, more Radiohead-like soundscapes like “The Sun”. The drummer is amazing to watch as he unleashes high-tempo drum beats that had my feet moving so fast my toes were hurting. Ouch! but Yay! The boy/girl duet vocals are also PERFECT !!!

These guys lay it all out on stage. All 5 of them were dancing around having a blast, with fists pumping and bodies swaying in sync with one another through each and every song. Not to mention, the female vocalist is absolutely adorable and yes, I have fallen in love with her. My excessive jumping up and down in attempt to get her attention was masked by others doing the same thing.. and I failed to stand out.. shucks.

Here are some amazing songs of theirs below. But you can own the whole album for 6$ HERE!

Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream

Naked and Famous – The Sun

Naked and Famous – Girls Like You

Naked and Famous dates : Toronto – Oct 6,   Boston – Oct 25,  NYC – TONIGHT! and Oct 27th.

Winter Gloves

How appropriately named for a band from the chilled-wonderfulness of Montreal, Canada! These indie-rockers absolutely blew the house down last night – and its tragic that they did so for in front of just 25 fans or so (even though it was sold out!!) because all the hipsters have to show up fashionably late all the time!! GRRRR!!!! One day those people who didnt show up early will be regretting the amazing 45 minute set these guys put on last night!! Mark my words you hipsters!! Mark them well!!

My housemate and source of awesome-music, Samson, introduced me to Winter Gloves a few months ago and he was up for the 4 minute bike-ride to see these guys rock out and to enjoy a few PBR tall cans with yours truly. It just so happened that these rockstars were opening for Naked and Famous, a band I had been excited to see since early this year. It was too perfect that they opened!!!!  They are synth-tastically amazing. Their 2010 album “All Red” and 2011 EP “Heart Out” are albums of perfection with a great mix of synth, heavy bass and dancey guitar chords and riffs. DANCE!

Test out more songs and even buy the album HERE. Else, listen below to my favs!

Winter Gloves – We Need New Transportation

Winter Gloves – Dancing My Heart Out (how awesome is that song title!! 🙂

Winter Gloves – Plastic Slides

Winter Gloves – Your Pale Skin

Winter Gloves dates – NYC – TONIGHT!


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