De-frost, un-stick, look-up, kick-flip. Let’s go.

25 Feb


Happy Tuesday World. Here’s some tunes to help you anti-freeze your bike and to pop some wheelies before you kick flip over the mountain and onto a new day.

First up, We the Wild – Daisy May, lays some heavy synth on us with some hazy, powerful vocals and a soaring chorus on their debut EP titled Volume. 1. Check it out!

“And if you wanna know me
You better keep talking in your sleep
Hiding in a heartbeat
Beating you and me” 


Next up, super talented DJ/musician RAC just unleashed a stunning new track featuring Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros titled RAC – Tear You Down. This is the most infectiously warm and foot-tapping song you have heard in a while. Ebert’s vocals are superb. Just superb.

“Let it in.. let her love tear you down. It begins. To be found.”


And then, time to flip out and dance to one of 2014’s bands to watch, The PASS – Don’t Take It, whom I just saw blow up Piano’s in NYC the past weekend. Let this song do its thaaanng to you and your dancing shoes. Well put them on first.. and double knot.

“But then it changes direction.. everybody’s facing a different way. The hearts are leaving too. And are taking chances. What a different ending, we won’t say we were surprised”

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