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Music from a Russian Electronic-Disco Astronaut

Quick hit –

Here are some stellar songs by a very talented artist named Cosmonaut Grechko. He is Victor Klyuchnikov, a 20 year old electronic disco producer based in Saratov, Russia.

Very fun, very pleasant on the ears! These four songs below are the Russian Cosmonaut and his piano only. The song found at the end of this blog is more dancey and electronic!

Check out ‘Nothing 2’ and ‘Nothing 3’, they are my favs.. but each of the 4 are different and have very different moods.

UPDATED: Here’s two of his more dancy, funky songs (he clearly left the piano at home for this one!)

Cosmonaut Grechko – Singin’ (radio edit)

Cosmonaut Grechko – All the Time We Were in Love (What Kind of Breeze do you Blow? remix) {just listen until the amazing drop at 2:18 with some guitar!!}

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