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RAC – You may seem like something classic. Your cheap sunglasses. And they’ll see right through you


RAC dropped part two of his Strangers series on April 1st, which is a freaking brilliant piece of work from start to finish. The album concludes with this summer-y mix of perfection and given how it’s looking outside.. I hope this is playing on your musical devices during your morning commutes.. because I legit want to see everyone dancing around NYC this morning while I’m listening to this song as well. Game on.

Really letter rip around 3:05. Dont be shy.

RAC – Cheap Sunglasses

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“You smile.. I sit beside you..” – Carousel


Carousel is back with a sweeet new track – called ‘Stay Awake’
Play it and love it.

Im listening to it for the first time while making my bacon and eggs celebrating my birthday here in Tanzania!

REMEMBER, I told you about Carousel before..

….  look HERE and HERE!!

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Because sometimes.. we all get a FEELING. <3

The Knocks – The Feeling feat. Porter Robinson

It’s time to get sharing music again..


I dont wanna fight, I aint got a reason..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   DROP IT!

I might be back.. or I might just be sharing this song.

The Orchard has been watered…  now crank this tune.

Plum’s Pick

The Knocks have taken over the club scene around the world, most recently shaking the walls down Under in Australia. With countless remixes and re-vamps of songs, as well as an EP of their own to boot, look more for these guys to fill your ears with synthy dance anthems.

The Knocks – The Feeling feat Porter Robinson – DOWNLOAD HERE if you like to dance.


Stick to the ‘Capital Cities’ and not the Rural Nowheres


“.. a refreshing dose of indie synth-pop from a new and exciting band, CAPITAL CITIES, that combines big driving synth bass hits with TRUMPETS, FUNKY ROCK OUTS and OTHER MUSICAL JOY..” – Plum

Straight from L.A. this duo has slowly dropped a few singletons on us over the last year.. including a few pretty sweet covers!, and I’ve been slapped in the face by their 5-song EP just a few minutes ago.. and frankly deserved it because HOW DID I NOT LISTEN TO THESE GUYS BEFORE!!!

Here’s the Madonna cover “Holiday” for mp3 downhere —>  Capital Cities — Holiday.

Plum’s recommendations

Listen to it all. It’s all fantastic music.


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HOT OFF THE PRESS – *nEw* Absofacto – Lies (it’s SO GOOD — TRUTH!!)

This song was JUST released seconds ago.. and is SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!

It’s so happy.. and bouncy.. and bubbly… and gloriously superb!!!

The drawn out vocals, soothing synth-scapes and delicate xylophone guide this song in a Postal Service type way.. combined with some sweet guitar riffs during some breath-taking instrumentals… make this song is truly a special one. Thanks Absofacto!

Absofacto – Lies (click to download mp3)

“There’s a funny thing that happens to me
every time it rains outside.
I almost hesitate to tell you.
I’m afraid you won’t believe me at all…”

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As time breaks off.. this is what happens.

Loving this song today. It’s an oldie.. but boy is it a goodie.

Dance people.. dance.

Album version is awesome.. mp3 here Delorean – As Time Breaks Off for download.

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Conch shells, shiny bags and snowboarding thru NYC

Amazing new video from The Rapture for their song Sail Away.

Heavy synth and drums to make your body move!

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