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Because sometimes.. we all get a FEELING. <3

The Knocks – The Feeling feat. Porter Robinson

It’s time to get sharing music again..


I dont wanna fight, I aint got a reason..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   DROP IT!

I might be back.. or I might just be sharing this song.

The Orchard has been watered…  now crank this tune.

Plum’s Pick

The Knocks have taken over the club scene around the world, most recently shaking the walls down Under in Australia. With countless remixes and re-vamps of songs, as well as an EP of their own to boot, look more for these guys to fill your ears with synthy dance anthems.

The Knocks – The Feeling feat Porter Robinson – DOWNLOAD HERE if you like to dance.


Start Your Saturday with THIS!!! (mash-up special!)

Here are two pretty sweet Mash-ups I found today. (to be played with increased volume)


**UPDATED** New mash-up for Lana Del Rey vs Two Door Cinema Club below!! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mash-up Germany – Top of the Pops 2011


DJ Schmolli – Titanium 500 (The Proclaimers vs Midnight Oil vs David Guetta vs Sia)

(pretty awesome when it it rocks out the ‘Balllatttaacktta balllatttackta’ bit!)



Lana Del Rey vs Two Door Cinema Club – You Know Video Games

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You know much that is hidden, O Tim……… quite…

Just like Tim the Enchanter could help Roger the Shrubber slash and burn his fields with ease.. I shall help guide you to these fine tunes..without the ill-tempered rabbit..

Although these tunes will also make you dance like  your feet are on FIRE!!! (see image —->)

Araab Musik – Streetz Tonight (a Deadmau5-y track to take you running thru the clouds)

Jonsi – Around Us (Blarsa Remix) (a big epic clubbing remix of an already stellar Jonsi song)

Metronomy – On Dancefloors (more on the ‘easy-listening’ side of dance-y musik)


Tuesday Triple .. to make you feel less tied up. :)

Question – Who’s in need of a fun, sing-along jam with a sweeeet funky bass line?

If you answered yes to this question, listen to this song below :

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (super fun band, opening for a few of Two Door Cinema Club’s shows out West later this month)

If you answered no to this question, I offer an uplifting, techno treat by a 17 yr old DJ called Madeon who spun a ‘meh’ Deadmau5 dub-step song into an epic clubbing anthem.

Madeon – Raise Your Weapon (Deadmau5 remix)

And if you’re simply fed up I haven’t played you a song you want to hear – how about some Indie-rock from the UK.

Foals – This Orient

Happy times.

Click on the Plum’s Orchard link above to get back to the main-page and lots of other good tunes!





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Bonus : a shout out to some friends and their music!

Four of my friends told me what they were listening to today. I’m going to share those songs with you, and where they are in the world! Also, here is what my buddy Nimish in India is probably doing right now. —–>

All of the songs them are awesome! Thanks party people!

– Plum

Who? Vanessa Sacco

Where?  Toronto, Canada

is listening to : Peter Gabriel – My Body is a Cage (Arcade Fire Cover)  (a warm and fuzzy classic rockers take on one of todays grandest bands)


Who?  Samson Alva

Where?  In my house (Cambridge, MA)

is listening to :Nathan Fake – Basic Mountain  (dance music from a talented 21 yr old DJ)


Who? Antonia Lam

Where? Toronto, Canada

is listening to : Goodwill & Hook ‘n Sling -Take You Higher   (a stripped back club track.. with rhythmic pianos and a beat to be heard in the street)


Who? Hannah Leach

Where? United Kingdom

is listening to : Washed Out – Amor Fati (beautific sub-pop)


DJ Dickie – the DJ everyones talking about.

This is the kind of set I like to play when I DJ. I try to cover a variety of different kinds of House Music. This set best exemplifies my favourite Anthem, Electro, and Tech house songs at the moment. I like to play songs that are either happy and uplifting, or hard and dancy. It is my belief that if music isn’t making you happy or wanting to dance… then you shouldn’t be hearing it at a party.

Hope you like it! More to come 🙂 – DJ Dickie

My best buddy Richie is a quick riser in the Toronto electronic music scene, frequently bringing down the house at Wrong Bar, Mod Club and other venues/aquatic vessels across Toronto. One day he woke up and told his dad he wanted to be a DJ.. a few hours later, the basement had a sound system and was converted into a club (Club Lips). Down in this lair, amongst the thousands of mixed CD’s, hundreds of mini computer speakers and a disco-ball, Dicky has spent countless hours perfecting his mixing skills, finding the right tunes to please the crowds, and his given his lucky friends little teasing samples along the way. *How am I to focus on beating him in foosball at his house when he’s cranking some unreal tunes in the background?*

After being at a few of his shows, most notably an amazing New Years party in downtown Toronto this past December 31st, I can tell you seeing him spin live brings a whole new energy to House music — with biggest, epic sounding songs.. with Dickie’s presence as conductor of good times.. and the smiling faces of everyone around you.. it truly becomes one of the greatest nights ever. GO SEE HIM LIVE!!

Enjoy this sampler he just released — I have it on repeat right now.. because DAMN it’s good.  Don’t miss this one… we’re not far away from seeing flyers with Van Buuren and Tiesto in small print, with DJ Dickie being the big name in BOLD that everyone’s going to see.


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Saturday Taste Testers — Retwistin’ with some Remixxin’

Here at Plum’s Orchard we like to cater to all flavours of musical needs and wants. Here’s a sweet blend of electronic/house remixes along with some easy listening stuff that everyone can enjoy. If you don’t find a song you like, you get your money back.


Also, yesterday was a very awesome day.. Canada Day.. and I hope you all belted out Oh Canada at least once to fill the air with of that good ol’ Canadian pride.

Listen up..

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Calvin Harris remix)

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (RAC remix)

Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover)

Noah and the Whale – Tonight’s the Kind of Night (RAC remix)

Final Fantasy (now Owen Pallett) – This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover)

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