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HaPpY 4000 visitors to the Orchard! (thanks everyone!)

I know I’m not a big blogger.. a famous one.. or an overly punctual one.. :), but I do my best and I love each and every song that I post on here for you to listen to. So, I’m a passionate one. 🙂 And that’s what really matters.. right?

Just hit 4000 visitors.. here’s two MORE songs that I feel are just RIGHT.

Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard (click for mp3)

(A song that inspired Plum’s Orchard! A beautiful string-filled, bass heavy indie song.)


Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (ENiGMA Remix) (click for mp3)

(a beautifully done atmospheric remix to sooth the soul)



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You know much that is hidden, O Tim……… quite…

Just like Tim the Enchanter could help Roger the Shrubber slash and burn his fields with ease.. I shall help guide you to these fine tunes..without the ill-tempered rabbit..

Although these tunes will also make you dance like  your feet are on FIRE!!! (see image —->)

Araab Musik – Streetz Tonight (a Deadmau5-y track to take you running thru the clouds)

Jonsi – Around Us (Blarsa Remix) (a big epic clubbing remix of an already stellar Jonsi song)

Metronomy – On Dancefloors (more on the ‘easy-listening’ side of dance-y musik)


From Prague.. with Love.

I’m back to the real world!

Enjoying a few days in Prague with my buddy Nico.. easing the mind and body with a little vacation from a rough two weeks in East Africa.

Here’s a small South African delight from dance-sters Goldfish to celebrate the successful work trip and my return to normal sleeping patterns and a smile on my face.

More to come when I’m back in the US!

Goldfish – Sold My Soul

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Cuz sometimes when you gotta dance.. it doesn’t matter where or how… you just gotta dance.

Amazing song. Unreal video.. with all the right dance moves. Thanks Kirstin!

Madeon – Pop Culture

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Riding in Cars (for 14 hrs) with Rockstars

I took a trip down to Philadelphia this past weekend with 4 of the most talented musicians on this side of the galaxy — 5 if we also include Young Neil from Camp Island.  When we weren’t listening to the amazing new music they have created themselves or busting out some Liberian-english — as we do –, we were listening to songs from all of our Ipods. Here is some of what we listened to.

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass courtesy of Will (boom badoom boom.. boom badoom boom BASS!!!!)

Icona Pop – Manners courtesy of Alex (synth-y, edge-y, glitch-y goodness)

I am Robot and Proud – 401 Circuit courtesy of Sam (chillax, boop-boopy beats to listen to while cruising down the 401 – Canada’s highway)

Bon Iver – Holocene courtesty of Daniel – although he wasn’t in the car (heart-warming audio gold to pour into your ears)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars courtesy of Sam (wait for the explosionous drop near the end.. woot!)

Dirty Projectors – Cannibal Resource courtesy of Will (killer vocals.. meet a funky beat)

Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes courtesy of Alex (..and i’m not coming out until this is all over.. )

Ra Ra Riot – Boy courtesy of Plum (slappin’ da bass.. hittin da drum.. movin da boday)

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Feel-good Hyper-pop with Canada’s own ‘GERMANY GERMANY’

Hyper-pop is exactly what this is!! OMG these songs are phenomenal (so long as you don’t have pre-existing heart problems or begin to seizure upon hearing the catchiest, danciest, infectiously brilliant beats). That would suck and I don’t endorse that.

Be prepared because this music will make you explode with happiness. (good headphones or sound system encouraged to maximize the experience)

This is Bryan Plummer certified to rock your socks up to Nunavut.

(think epic dancey-Postal Service beats, but with oodles of Canadian electro-love that take it up to a whole new level of smiles, goosebumps and dancing feet)


Get more music from their Bandcamp site HERE

Germany Germany – Take Me Home

Germany Germany – Romance

Germany Germany – Take Your Time

Yay! for great music!

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Start looking for Shelter.. this is a goodie.

What do you get when you mix an amazing DJ (Kaskade) to remix an unreal XX song and ridiculous Deadmau5 beat?


The XX vs Kaskade vs Deadmau5 – I Remember Shelter


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