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Wowser Bowser!! You have defeated the Super Mario brothers with this one..

On this fine Tuesday in January, Atlanta’s own ‘Wowser Bowser’ has dropped their first full length album (self-titled).. an album I have been highly anticipating since I saw them perform in the Bushwick Walkabout Festival last summer in a tiny ally way in Brooklyn.. (along side my personal favs, Magic Man). 🙂

Their songs vary in pace and tempo and I find are an amazing blend of sounds that we have seen before with Postal Service, Discovery, Magic Man, Sun Airway and I have to say it, my fav song, To the Pleasant Life totally reminds me of LCD Soundsystem!

This album is truly a gem and it is well worth picking it up from their Bandcamp page (link to it below). It’s manages to be all things catchy, soothing, heart-warming and feet-moving. ❤

Plum’s suggestions

To the Pleasant Life! – YES YES YES YES YES YES:YEPPRUELS:JKLS:EJKR:LSKJR:LSKE!!! This song is phenominal!!   The chaotic beginning drops into an amazingly catchy beat..with eerily perfect synth chymes in the back..   Please listen to this.. please please please please please..    AHHHH IM LOSING MY MIND!!!! (to the little glitches in the mini instrumental interludes) This is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Water Story – amazing how this song builds up (kinda like an Arcade Fire song), and the rock out at the end is unreal

Winter Child – “oh, its winter.. and outside is growing colder.. oh it’s as simple.. my heart is growing older..” Nice lil lullaby!

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For those Saturday morning Sleepyheads..

Here are a few tunes I am sharing from Plummer HQ’s in Toronto, Canada. Tried to cover a range of genres to see if you can unlock a new musical side!

Happy weekend times!

Summer Camp – Better Off without You (sounds like a fun summer song from the 80’s!)

Ra Ra Riot – Each Year (Absofactor remix) (a slowed down version of the Original indie-rock gem, so we can soak it in a little better)

Battles – Inchworm (the genre is called ‘Warp’.. and sounds kinda like El Ten Eleven meets Ratatat)

Little Stevies – Leap of Faith (a nice cheery, acoustic pop song with a killer voice)

Passion Pit – Sleepy Head (Starsmith remix) (a wonderful strip down of the this epic Passion Pit song)

Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers (some indie-pop funk!)

Bad meets Evil – Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) (Eminem’s rapping in this is unreal..)

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moving times.. call for moving music

My apologies for being absent in the music world lately — I’m shifting houses from the HMS Putnam in Cambridgeport, up to Davis Square here in Cambridge and moving/farewell festivities have taken up most of my time. It’s been an epic 2 year journey in this house and I’ve made a number of amazing friends here, in addition to discovering my favourite band of all time under this very roof – Magic Man – and amazingly finding that feeling of ‘home’ .. away from home, which I’ve struggled to find during my travels over the last few years.

Here’s a few songs I’ve been rocking during the move-out process. Once I get settled in my new place, I’ll start scouring the music underworlds to bring you more music! (both talking to myself.. and whos’ ever reading this.. 🙂

Jonsi – Go do (can a song make you any happier and motivated to do something amazing?)

Jonsi – Animal Arithmetic (instruments! making music! love the percussion)

Junior Boys – In the Morning (Canadian electro-indie gloriousness)

Matt & Kim – Yea Yea (drums and keyboard and yea yea)


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“soft green shade when dark hits, I’ll wear no coat” – Girlfriends


Here is the track list for this amazing band from Portland, Oregon – called GIRLFRIENDS – that has been making a major splash in the music scene the last few weeks, especially after the split EP release with El Ten Eleven.

A one-man band when performing live, this dude has created one of the most solid records I’ve heard in the last few years. With the dance-y guitar riffs, wildly fun drums and a wicked mixtures of scream-singing and later more comprehensible lyrics — Girlfriends has a unique sound on each song that will have you nodding at the end with a ‘wow, that awesome’.

I strongly urge you listen to the full album (warning: it’s loud, it’s dancy, it’s LOUD!), but I’m sure you’ll find at least one song you’ll like, no matter what your musical taste.

Songs I am digging this week  : Brobocop, Chex Urself B4 U Rex Urself, New Computers, Bernie Mac Attack.

If you like this stuff, check out El Ten Eleven. The epic two man show (drummer and double-guitarist that plays and loops tracks – so awesome)

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