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Some tunes from the

Just got back home to Toronto! Home! Had a drowsy commute to the airport at 6am, flew to Buffalo, then a 2 hour drive later, I’m back at Chateau Plummer! Here are a few tunes for your weekend — wherever you are!

Bed of Stars – Nothing Left to Lose (these guys played their first ever show last night in Vancouver.. I think they are going to become one of my favourite bands)

Matt & Kim feat. Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K. – I’m A Goner (new song by Matt and Kim.. kinda fun!) 

St. Vincent – The Strangers (catchy and awesome vocals!)

Starting Line – I’m Real (yes, a cover of J-Lo and Ja Rule’s hit ‘I’m Real’)

Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good (good ol’ Canadian pop-punk) 

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Concert review : Manchester Orchestra, My Chemical Romance & *BLINK-182*!!

I had the chance to drive just an hour south to see my favourites, Blink-182, rock their faces off at the Comcast Center. It poured rain on us, torrentially, for 3 hours.. and took another 3 hours to drive home in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen on the roads.. but it was all worth. It always will be.

The Openers-Opener : Manchester Orchestra

A fun indie-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia that is just now making a few waves in the music scene. They just released their 3rd full length album “Simple Math”, which I find an enjoyable listen, but no songs really jump out at me. In case you are wondering, the bands name honours the city of Manchester, UK for having provided bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, New Order, amongst others.

I only caught the last few songs of their set, but thought they rocked the house and sounded great live — even had a few people dancing up front — which is always a good sign for the opening band for the opener!

Manchester Orchestra – The Neighborhood is Bleeding

The Opener : My Chemical Romance

I never really got into these guys, except for their two catchy singles like a decade ago (Thank You for the Venom (below) and Helena), but kind of laughed at the thought of actually seeing them live. The crowed definitely loved them and I even thought there were more fans singing along to the MCR set, rather than Blink’s, which I found surprising. The song ‘Planetary’ (below) was by far the most fun song they played, that had everyone jumping up and down. The rest was kind of ‘enh’ since the sound didn’t really carry well — and all the songs sounded more or less the same LOUD NOISE. Below are two of their songs I do certify:

My Chemical Romance – Planetary

My Chemical Romance – Thank You For the Venom

The Headliner : Blink-182

I won’t write a lot about Blink-182 since I know many of you have heard me tell the stories incessantly over the years. Here is a brief history though that I think would help some of you understand why and how Blink-182 is still around. 🙂

1992 – 2003 : Blink-182 are kings of pop-punk with albums Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, Take Your Pants off and Jacket and Mark,Tom and Travis show.

2004 : Tom and Mark (the singers) start to have a rift in the band, often thought of to be Tom wanting to have greater control of the band, the sound and how they made music. Tom informs his best friend Mark, via their manager, that Tom is quitting the band.

2005 : Tom starts his new band,  Angels&Airwaves, and releases a pretty solid album, including a few songs directing his anger at Mark/Travis.

2005 : Mark/Travis start their own band called (+44) and also release a very solid album – a few songs also containing some pretty harsh towards towards Tom.

2005 – 2008 : Mark/Travis do not speak at all with Tom. They hate each other.  Both bands continue to sing about their hatred and hurt towards each other.

2008 : Drummer Travis Barker gets in a plane crash with his best friend DJ AM, as well as a dozen other passengers on board. Travis and DJ AM are the only two survivors. Tom realizes that hating his two best friends is silly, and they start talking again.

2008 : Blink-182 announce they are going to start making music again.

2009 : Bryan sees Blink-182 at their reunion tour at Madison Square Garden in NYC with Vanessa Sacco!

2011 : Blink-182 release first new songs/album since 2003. Hooray!

P.S. Their show was awesome. Sure it was all their greatest hits and I would’ve LOVED to have heard more of the other stuff, but it’s always great to sing my heart out and remember the times in my life when I listened to each of the songs on repeat. The guys are still the same on stage as they always have been — but I notice that Tom hasn’t been the same since the band got back together.. which makes me think that one reason he really came back to  Blink-182 was for the mullah. Regardless, Blink-182 is back.. and this means more amazing music from a band that everyone will forever associate with Bryan Plummer.

You can hear their two new songs in my previous posts HERE and HERE.

One thing I think Blink-182 are AMAZING at, is selecting opening songs on their records. Here are the 4 opening songs from Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema of the State and Take Your Pants off (in order). Enjoy!

Blink-182 – Carousel

Blink-182 – Pathetic

Blink-182 – Dumpweed

Blink-182 – Anthem Part 2


This Parade of Punk Rock T-shirts will Make you Smile

This weekend I’ve started going through some old pictures from my undergrad years, and have subsequently been digging through the songs that came to mind along the way. Here are some awesome tracks (some you may already know, or at least the artists) that you can spend a few minutes grazing. Grazing.. mmm.. time for food!


(+44) – Make You Smile (I’m a sucker for all music creations of Mark Hoppus.. but this sound is especially sweet)

Maritime – Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts (a little taste of Weezer but with bit more of a sparkle — I highly recommend their album “We, The Vehicles”)

Modest Mouse – The View (awesome rock out half way through the song!)

Motion City Soundtrack – Point of Extinction (classic high-flying pop-punk)

Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat (because the video makes me want to call my friends when I’m at work… and do the same thing)

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More NEW Blink-182!! – “Hearts All Gone”

It’s a blend of Dude Ranch and the self titled album from 2003! AMAZING!!!

Lyrics below!

heart’s all gone

take off the gloves
we fell in love by the side of the road
this desert will break you down
the veins you cut
your smoking tongue is the end of us all
but you only care about
fame and fortune
watching others tortured
casting your reflection
grocery store perfection
this is the last time
sent to the front line
with dirty boots on the ground
you said i’ll make this all mine

you seemed so sweet at the start but the start’s all wrong
you say you speak from your heart but your heart’s all gone

blackjack and architect
let’s drink ourselves to death
the crimes of everyone
passed down from father to son
hopeless and destitute
destroyed my gratitude
your strongest lines of defense
are all just self-inflicted wounds


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I’m going to throw some music at your face, and I dont’ care where it lands


I’ve been MIA for a week with a bit of vacation here in Cambridge, as well as up North in Toronto. I have been hard at work finding new stuff during my moments of not catching up with friends and life. So today I’m going to give you a grab bag, with summaries, of some of my newest listens.

Also, guest bloggers are on the way. 🙂 Let me know if you have stuff you want to share or write up yourself to share musik you love!

Patrick Stump feat. Lupe Fiasco – This City

I’m equally excited about the first full length album of Patrick Stump (remember the guy from Fall Out Boy?) coming this October as I am disappointed he skipped out on Boston during his upcoming tour. (he will be in Toronto though!) His new album is called Soul Punk, which you’ll feel when you hear this song. It carries the same motif as Jay-Z’s song about NYC with lyrics “its my city.. and i love it..i was born and raised here.. i’ve got it made here..and if i had my way i’m gonna stay here forever”   Ya, i get goosebumps.

The Morning Benders – Last Night (Strokes cover)

Ok, who didn’t like album “Is this it?” by the Strokes? I think it might be one of the greatest rock records of my generation. WELL, here’s news for you.. there is a tribute album for it that just came out that has amazing covers for every song on the album. The Morning Benders spice up this Strokes hit with a bit of 2011, bringing it back up to speed with the rest of us. 🙂  Here is the link for the full free tribute album download.

Actually here’s one more .. its AMAZING

Final Fantasy – Hard to Explain (Strokes cover)

Wow. This is good.

Metronomy – The Bay (The 2 Bears Remix)

Kind of more agressive dancey music, but a very catchy tune. You might get bored of it for the first minute.. but its worth the wait when it gets to 1:04 when it DROPS!!!  You need a good pair of speakers and a few metres of space on all sides of you to enjoy this song.


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It’s a ‘Fourth-of-July-in-the-USA’ kind of Monday.

Today is the day that Red White and Blue wave in the streets across the USA.. as Americans celebrate their Independence Day. It’s only fitting for me to get into the True American spirit with some ‘America’ related songs.

Tonight I’ll be out on a canoe (yes, a common CANADIAN mode of transport) on the Charles river here in Boston to catch the fireworks. Corn on the cob.. pasta salad.. a few ice cold beers and some American company will lead the way. (did I mention I was assigned music duties.. 🙂

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA (the father of American Rock belts out a fitting classic for a day like today. In a Team USA womens World Cup soccer match 3 days ago.. one of the players actually sang “born in the USA” into a giant microphone at the edge of the playing surface after scoring a goal.)

The Presidents of the United States of America – Lump (the 1995 classic that had us all questioning why Lump actually did sit alone in a boggy marsh)

The All-American Rejects – Dance Inside (I know most of you will laugh I am posting an AAR song.. but these guys have some gems that didn’t hit the mainstream!)

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Holy Heck Batman – these songs are amazing!

Happy sweltering Saturday everyone.

Here’s a few tasty songs from the past week that I uncovered from either a) my musical vaults or b) some sneaky blog searching. Enjoy!



1. Camp Island – My My Miscommunication

This local band from Newton, Mass. hits hard and hits often on all the right notes. Bass guitar, drums and a couple ol’ pals make this indie-punk duo a good listen!


2. Jukebox the Ghost – Empire


3. The Wombats – Kill the Director


4. Baths – Aminals


5. Beirut – Scenic World

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