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“soft green shade when dark hits, I’ll wear no coat” – Girlfriends


Here is the track list for this amazing band from Portland, Oregon – called GIRLFRIENDS – that has been making a major splash in the music scene the last few weeks, especially after the split EP release with El Ten Eleven.

A one-man band when performing live, this dude has created one of the most solid records I’ve heard in the last few years. With the dance-y guitar riffs, wildly fun drums and a wicked mixtures of scream-singing and later more comprehensible lyrics — Girlfriends has a unique sound on each song that will have you nodding at the end with a ‘wow, that awesome’.

I strongly urge you listen to the full album (warning: it’s loud, it’s dancy, it’s LOUD!), but I’m sure you’ll find at least one song you’ll like, no matter what your musical taste.

Songs I am digging this week  : Brobocop, Chex Urself B4 U Rex Urself, New Computers, Bernie Mac Attack.

If you like this stuff, check out El Ten Eleven. The epic two man show (drummer and double-guitarist that plays and loops tracks – so awesome)

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