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Riding in Cars (for 14 hrs) with Rockstars

I took a trip down to Philadelphia this past weekend with 4 of the most talented musicians on this side of the galaxy — 5 if we also include Young Neil from Camp Island.  When we weren’t listening to the amazing new music they have created themselves or busting out some Liberian-english — as we do –, we were listening to songs from all of our Ipods. Here is some of what we listened to.

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass courtesy of Will (boom badoom boom.. boom badoom boom BASS!!!!)

Icona Pop – Manners courtesy of Alex (synth-y, edge-y, glitch-y goodness)

I am Robot and Proud – 401 Circuit courtesy of Sam (chillax, boop-boopy beats to listen to while cruising down the 401 – Canada’s highway)

Bon Iver – Holocene courtesty of Daniel – although he wasn’t in the car (heart-warming audio gold to pour into your ears)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars courtesy of Sam (wait for the explosionous drop near the end.. woot!)

Dirty Projectors – Cannibal Resource courtesy of Will (killer vocals.. meet a funky beat)

Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes courtesy of Alex (..and i’m not coming out until this is all over.. )

Ra Ra Riot – Boy courtesy of Plum (slappin’ da bass.. hittin da drum.. movin da boday)

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My heartbeat.. heard 7 different ways

Today my friend Lizzie commented on my wall with a post about how much she LOVED the video for the song ‘Heartbeat’, likely referring to a song/video I had posted on this blog before. However, I was unable to quickly identify WHICH song called Heartbeat she might have been referring too. I typed in Heartbeat and got all these hits. I was intrigued at how many songs were called Heartbeat, although it’s not entirely surprising, however after going through them, they all have a different feeling and take on the simple basic function – the heartbeat. Enjoy!

Blackbird Blackbird – Heartbeat  (funky, glitchy, howly, electronic bubbles)

Annie – Heartbeat (female vocal, dream-pop)

Grum – Heartbeats (powerful electro-synth, head bopping goodnes, a la MSTRKRFT)

Tahiti 80 – Heartbeat (male vocal, jammity jam and walk with a swagger, indie-rock)

Nneka – Heartbeat (slappin da bass with intense vocals laced in an amazing R&B track)

Islands – Heartbeat (dream-rockers from Montreal take it down a notch for a nice easy listener)

Cosmonaut Grechko – Heartbeats (the Russian wizard with an amazing electronic spell of bliss)


How many German/Nigerian female pop singers do YOU know?

Nneka – Heartbeat

..take a trip through Nigerian countryside.. and through the musical ride of this drum-pounding, bass-runnin’ soul-filled Afro-pop!

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Five for the road — some treats from the big Apple

Quick Hits

I’m in NYC this weekend catching up with some friends and figured it would be fitting to reflect on some of the audio bits from those times – Hick from High School days, and Anne from Liberia days.

Let’s start off with High school.

1. Blink 182 – M&M’s

This band provided the soundtrack to my Middle School and High School lives and will forever be a band that everyone will associate with Bryan Plummer. This song is from Blink’s 2nd album called Cheshire Cat and has the familiar Blink 182 energy, but with the raw sound quality from back before they became Rock Superstars.

2. The Gandharvas – Watching the Girl

This very rarely known Canadian band came out with two amazing songs on their album “Sold for a Smile” while back in the High School days — this is one of them! (the other one is Downtime.. if you’re wondering!)

3. Presidents of the United States of America – Boll Weevil

Who didn’t listen to the Presidents in High School? Of course they were known for their silly songs about Peaches in a can and girls named Lump, but this is another song that I found myself rewinding my cassette tape a LOT so I could hear it over and over.

Now for Liberia,

4. Ne-Yo – Miss Independant

This song was MY song while in Liberia and clubs would even play it twice, back to back just for me, when I was at their dancing establishment. The song has since become a favourite around HMS Putnam, my house, as Arron and I tend to bust this one out at Karaoke nights from time to time. This is an awesome song.

5. Dbanj – Fall in Love

Another very rare song from a Nigerian rapper named Dbanj, this song was also played incessantly throughout the streets and clubs of Liberia. Old Liberian mama’s would get out of their chairs to come dance to this song as well. haha!

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