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Two dinosaurs.. who both claim they are the last ones!! Dilemma! (but an good one! RAWRRR!!!)

How is it possible that I found two awesome bands.. both with such similar names.. within the span of a week?

(that’s how hard I work to bring you new music!! 🙂

You be the judge of who’s the REAL last dinosaur!!

The Last Dinorsaur – Fractions (click to download mp3)

(you are going to rockout to this song… pretty hard.. you’re welcome — especially the electro-synth rock out part near the end!! YESSS!!!)

Last Dinosaurs – Zoom (click to download mp3)

(super funky, super jammy.. with some funky jammy guitars! “it’s time to reinvent.. don’t care to what extent”)

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Start Your Sunday with This!!! “And I miss her sometimes.. shaking like a leaf on the corner of life.”

Happy Sunday friends!

Here’s a few new songs that I stumbled across this week.. that I think are perfect sounds to make your Sunday a good one. Enjoy. (due to request of my mother.. I’ve now added songs in as mp3’s so you can easily download what you like.. 🙂

The Gaslight Anthem – Old White Lincoln (click for mp3) (sounds like some old-school Killers (vocals).. with some a solid indie rock grooves that will become a song you will certaintly play at least TWICE today.. 🙂   “..while you just kept coming apart.. straight into my arms”

Party Supplies – Guy Friends (click for mp3)  (If you’re feeling a little down today, this is the track you need in your life. (don’t mind the lyrics.. its about girls breaking hearts and turning to your buddies to get thru it) But it’s gotta be one of the catchiest, feel good beats of the year.)

Carousel – Know It’s Right (click for mp3) (the boys from Boston are back with yet another single.. following up their amazing Alston 26 EP (review HERE) with another dance-y beat to feast on. I LOVE these guys! ‘AND HAVE THE PARTY OF YOUR LIFE..!’

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For those Saturday morning Sleepyheads..

Here are a few tunes I am sharing from Plummer HQ’s in Toronto, Canada. Tried to cover a range of genres to see if you can unlock a new musical side!

Happy weekend times!

Summer Camp – Better Off without You (sounds like a fun summer song from the 80’s!)

Ra Ra Riot – Each Year (Absofactor remix) (a slowed down version of the Original indie-rock gem, so we can soak it in a little better)

Battles – Inchworm (the genre is called ‘Warp’.. and sounds kinda like El Ten Eleven meets Ratatat)

Little Stevies – Leap of Faith (a nice cheery, acoustic pop song with a killer voice)

Passion Pit – Sleepy Head (Starsmith remix) (a wonderful strip down of the this epic Passion Pit song)

Rubblebucket – Silly Fathers (some indie-pop funk!)

Bad meets Evil – Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) (Eminem’s rapping in this is unreal..)

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*NEW* blink-182 – Neighborhoods

Here is the new Blink-182 album.. which I think is a true masterpiece. The guys still have it! I have declared this my 3rd favourite album of all time. (after Blink’s ‘Dude Ranch’, and Magic Man’s ‘Real Life Color‘)

Here are the songs — I’ll write some notes on the songs later when I get a chance — but enjoy the tunes in the meanwhile!

Also – go buy the CD when its available in about a week!! 🙂

blink-182 – Ghost on the Dancefloor

blink-182 – Natives

blink-182 – Up All Night

blink-182 – After Midnight

blink-182 – Snake Charmer

blink-182 – Hearts All Gone Interlude

blink-182 – Hearts All Gone

blink-182 – Wishing Well

blink-182 – Kaleidoscope

blink-182 – This is Home

blink-182 – MH-4-18-2011

blink-182 – Love Is Dangerous

blink-182 – Fighting the Gravity

blink-182 – Even if She Falls

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Oh No! More Yoko!.. i mean.. YES!!!!!

If you made a blunder and missed my first post about this amazing band from British Columbia – Oh No! Yoko! – well here’s your chance to listen to two of their older songs.. PLUS a bonus, I will re-link you with my previous post so you can get ALL caught up.. HERE. How nice is that?

Also, October 14th they are playing in Toronto! And I’m going! Let me know if you wanna join.

They are one of my favourite bands now. They are awesome.

Oh No! Yoko – Courtyard! Bankrupt!

Oh No! Yoko – Deer in Japan

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*Concert Review* – riding Bombay Bicycles thru a Lonely Forest on the way to the Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club w/ Bombay Bicycle Club and Lonely Forest @ Royale, Boston, MA – Sept 8, 2011

” well that was the greatest (non-Magic Man) show i’ve ever seen in my life.  by far the greatest 3 band line up i’ve ever experienced. EVER” – Plum


First off, this concert for me is just Part 1. I have 10 tickets for the same show, same bands in my hometown Toronto next weekend — Part 2 — where I get to do this all over again. Glorious.

The Lonely Forest is a rock band from Anacortes, Washington. The band formed in 2005, then released the EP Regicide and won the Experience Music Project competition in 2006. Woohoo! The lead guitarist has come and gone with the band, but I think he’s likely to stay now — especially with the recent success and awesomeness of the band. Lonely Forest opened for Death Cab for Cutie this summer on their ‘small venue’ tour.. of which I was unable to attend. 😦

Bombay Bicycle Club are an indie rock band which formed in North London, United Kingdom in 2006. The band took their name from a chain of curry houses in the London Area, and have since admitted that they dislike their band name. I had never heard of them before this show and I can now say with certainty that..they are flipping amazing

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club are an electropop/alternative band from Bangor. The band does not have a permanent drummer (yet?), but they have been touring with drummer Benjamin Thompson who is insanely fun to watch as he bounces out of the seat with every drum hit. According to Songfacts, the band’s name cameabout after one of the members mispronounced the name of the local cinema, Tudor Cinema, and it stuck. You will see Two Door Cinema Club occupying one of the top spots of my Favourite Songs of All Time.

The Performances

I go to a lot of concerts. A lot. This was one of the best from every aspect.

The venue was an amazing old theatre venue in downtown Boston, with perfectly dim lighting around the edges that illuminated the velvet-red leather seats around the periphery and the balcony above. The bars were also pretty awesome and old-school as well, easily accessible from where ever your rock-out perch was — and despite being sold out, you didn’t feel it at all.

My new housemate Jeanethe battled fatigue and rallied in a huge way to join me at this show. She declared it one of her favs of all time as well! Nothing makes me happier than linking people with new music they love! (hence this blog!)


Lonely Forest – these were the first guys on stage tonight, which kind of caught me by surprise – as I know they had opened for Death Cab for Cutie earlier this year – and I thought they were going to be doing the same for Two Door this evening. HOWEVER, Jeanethe and I walked in to catch the tail end of my favourite song of theirs ‘Turn Off the Song and Go Outside’

The rest of the set was very solid — as they raced through another few songs off their latest album “Arrows” with some solid intensity and a very catchy sound. I love the lead singers voice (reminds me of REM a bit?) and their music is simply fun and uplifting == LIKES.

Lonely Forest – Turn Off the Song and Go outside (I love how this song urges listeners to get out of their own heads and find love!)

Lonely Forest – Tunnels (indie rock madness — a beautiful melody in the middle.. and a SICK rock-out to polish it off)

Lonely Forest – Two Notes and a Beat – (“..all I really need are two notes and a beat
to sing to you my’s a great place to start..”)

Lonely Forest – We Sing In Time (catchy hooks!)


Bombay Bicycle Club – I have failed for not discovering these guys earlier. The first two songs simply melted Jeanethe and I — and we immediately knew we were in store for a special show. The singer kind of reminds me of Tokyo Police Club front man with his voice and appearance, but the bands sound is vastly different. Mixing elements of folk, indie-rock and even a bit of shoe-gaze — these guys had the crowd bopping incessantly — and even drove 3 fans into frenzies — as they ended up hopping on stage to for a short while to dance next to the band. Security brought them back to their bopping positions on the dance floor shortly after — except for that one guy who was kicked straight out. 🙂  Not I!

This was such refreshing music and the band clearly was having an awesome time too. It couldn’t have been better.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle  (one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long long time)

Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can you Swallow So Much Sleep (answer the question!! 🙂 such a chill song..)

Bombay Bicycle Club -Your Eyes (super sweet bass.. and an aWESOME finish!)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone (happiness)

This weekend I shared the cool music video for Shuffle, including footage of the bank while on tour. See it HERE.


Two Door Cinema Club  – There’s a reason I have seen this band 3 times in the last calendar year. They are simply creators of ridiculously amazing music. Every song is a manic dance party with the hardest hitting drums, the catchiest guitar riffs, topped off with the melodic voice of front man Sam Halliday. There are moments in two songs “Eat This Up..” and “Costume Party” that are explosions of music I can’t even put into words they are so unbelievable. Also, Cigarettes in the Theatre is one of the greatest opening songs on an album/in a concert EVER.

Two Door also unleashed some new songs on us — including Handshake.. which increased my jumping by 43% from the other songs. That’s big. (video of the song HERE) The ending is so amazing. haha

This is some of the best music I own. It is second only to legendary Magic Man on my itunes most played list.

Two Door Cinema Club – Cigarettes in the Theatre (waaaaaa-ooooooohhhhhhh!)

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn (“. and she spoke words that would melt in yours hands..”)

Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party (LOVE the end!)

They also just covered a Mumford&Sons song. Check it out HERE.


Tokyo Police Club’s 10/10/10 project

Here’s a full throw down of the latest project from the Torontonians, covering amazing songs, and making them more amazing.

A recap, they are covering 10 songs (one song from each year 2001-2010), by recording one song each day (in 10 hours). All are awesome.. and this project sponsored by Polaroid is a damn cool one.

All songs performed by “Tokyo Police Club”

I think the LCD  Soundsystem, Phoenix and Harlem Shakes covers are the best of the 10. What’s your fav?

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